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Progressive Publications is an international publication agency (publisher) with a team of editors from diverse academic and professional background.

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Published Works:


Book Title: Mahatma Gandhi Kal Aur Aaj

 Authors:     Dr. Sartaj Shabbar Rizvi (Shia P.G. College, Lucknow University)

                  Dr. Amit Kumar Rai (Shia P.G. College, Lucknow University)

                  Dr. Munendra Singh (Shia P.G. College, Lucknow University)


   ISBN:      978-81-941592-1-6




Book Title: Rajniti Vigyan Ke Mool Siddhant

    Author:  Dr. Sneh Pratap Singh,

                  Lucknow University, India

     ISBN:    978-81-941592-0-9



Book Title: Decoding Well-being for Health & Happiness 

    Author:  Dr. Sonal Agarwal

                  Navyug Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Lucknow University, India

     ISBN:    978-81-941592-5-4

Book Title: COVID-19: Biopsychosocial Perspectives

    Authors:  Prof. S Z H Zaidi,

                    Syed Sajid Husain Kazmi

                    Dr. Kashif Hasan

                    Nandini Sharma

                    Amity University Lucknow, India


     eISBN:  978-81-941592-4-7


Book Title: Matthew Arnold’s Poetry and Alienation

    Author:  Dr. Anshu Singh

                    Lucknow University, India

     ISBN:    978-81-941592-7-8

 Book Title: 1990 se 2015 Tak Hindi Upanyaso Me Jivan Sangharsh Ke Vividh Aayam

      Author: Dr. Amit Kumar

           ISBN: 978-81-948467-1-0 



Book Title: Impact of COVID-19 on Journalism and Mass Communication Industry 

           Author: Dr. Sanjay M Johri

                       Amity University Lucknow, India

           eISBN: 978-81-948467-2-7

Book Title: Labour and Social Welfare    

           Author: Prof. Dr. Azfar Shamshi

                        Munger University, Bihar, India

           eISBN: 978-81-948467-3-4

Book Title: Eastern Perspective of Psychology  

      Editors: Dr. Naghma Javed (Lucknow University)

                       Dr. Chhaya Gupta (Amity University Lucknow)

                       Ms. Ritika Pal (Amity University Lucknow)

          ISBN: 978-81-948467-4-1

Book Title: Textbook of Special Education

      Authors: Syed Sajid Husian Kazmi, Amity University Lucknow

                        Mohd Ali, Shia P.G. College, Lucknow

          ISBN: 978-81-948467-5-1