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The greatest advantage of interning with IPYF is our multidisciplinary approach and flexibility, allowing you the freedom to pursue the essential characteristics of your internship in your interest areas helping in developing your specific skill-base.  

We are experienced with many internship requests, including all paperwork, and can support you in fulfilling the necessary requirements of your particular program.       

Because we conduct a variety of local programs and projects currently operating to service those in need, any prospective intern can pursue their particular interests.


    Additionally, while interning with IPYF you will: 

  • Gain practical, hands on experience in a field related to your concentration
  • Use academic and research-based theories in real-world environments
  • Gain a significant edge when seeking employment, demonstrating your commitment to personal development
  • Learn about the workings and structure of an NGO from within
  • Contribute to positive human development
  • Participate in regular two-way feedback sessions in order to develop yourself and the projects you are helping
  • Complete your internship with a presentation of your findings to the project staff/ invitees


    Graduates/Post Graduates in Clinical Psychology/Counselling Psychology/Psychology, Education, Mass Communication, Marketing, Social Works can join us as intern and gain hand on training and experience with our ongoing projects.


 Selection process starts with filling this given form followed by a detailed interview. 






















 For any query write to us: or call on: +918565001786



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