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Is this what Our Freedom Fighters Fought For

We the dwellers of nation of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi claim to follow their teachings of love, peace, sacrifice and brotherhood but in reality what have we become is a matter worth pondering.
  Recent incidents involving killing of persons just for petty issues (or whatever reasons) by mob portrays a very disturbing picture of our so called civilized society. It seems to be in fashion to act like a pack of wild animals on hunting spree. This is not the way a society functions.
Is this what our freedom fighters fought for ? Let's not forget the path and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi who choose the path of sacrifice, path of non violence to throw away the Britishers. Why not follow his foot-steps and drive the nation on the path of progress and development.
  We are just engrossed in the petty issues of food habits, religious views of others while ignoring our own fundamental duties. If anywhere a person commits any crime, is it not our responsibility to hand over the criminal to police and let the law take over or we just converge into a violent mob and take law in our own hands. 
 This gives a loud message that we lack self control and are high on intolerance.
Whenever we hear any news or incident, is it not our responsibility to first check its reality. We as civilized humans need not jump to the conclusion. Maybe we are being manipulated by some mischievous groups who have their vicious agenda of harming us, and our impetuous actions provide them with much needed breakthrough and fuel their agenda.
 Friends, we have harmoniously existed in this beautiful country since ages irrespective of our religious and ethical backgrounds and this land has always kept us in high esteem.
We have coexisted, despite numerous attempts by mischievous and wicked groups to divide and harm us but we have always dealt with them with tough hands. Let's not forget what a healthy society is. We should always try to keep the law and our constitution in high esteem. These are the guiding forces helping and guiding us in times of conflict.
  It is our constitution which has strengthened us especially the minorities to feel secure in this country. It is the warmth and love given by our fellow countrymen irrespective of their religious beliefs that has kept us united. It’s a crucial time we look towards further strengthening this bond. This is the need of hour.
  We the youths have extra responsibility to our shoulders. Since we are the fortunate ones having good education and exposure, we must not sit silently and watch the situation getting worst. We have to get over our egos, religious and socio-economic boundaries and have to work towards further strengthening the secular fabric of our nation. The India, where every individual has his Human Rights and Fundamental Rights protected and is equally responsible towards his Fundamental Duties.
 I am finishing off with a poem "Watan ki Fiqr kar" by Allama Iqbal:
Watan ki fiqr kar nadan museebat aane wali hai,
Teri barbadiyon ke mashware hain aasmanon mein,
Zara dekh isko jo kuch ho raha hai, hone wala hai, 
Dhara kya hai bhala ahde kuhan ki daastanon mein,
Yeh khamoshi kahan tak, lazzat-e-faryad paida kar,
Zameen par tu ho aur teri sada ho aasmanon mein,
Na samjhoge to mit jaoge aye Hindustan walon,
Tumhari daastan tak na rahegi daastanoon mein.
Jai Hind