Our Vision & Mission

At IPYF, we believe that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems.

For more than 5 years, we’ve led and sustained coordinated action to harness the talent and potential of the world’s youth, now numbering 1.2 billion. At the heart of our efforts is building partnerships, initiatives, and curricula that prepare young men and women to succeed as citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

IPYF envisions a world where all young people achieve their full potential and shape the future with power and confidence.

IPYF prepares young people to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens.




For more than Five Years, we’ve driven positive youth development around the world. Through our experience and partnerships, we’ve impacted 17 million lives and continue to enrich the global understanding of how to connect young people with hope, jobs, and a brighter future. Anchored by our mission, we are constantly deepening our research and bridging new partnerships to innovate and provide scalable, sustainable solutions for the most challenging problems faced by youth.